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Lead works

We use only materials of the highest quality and appropriate code of lead for the job. Our work covers all areas from lead flashings, gutters and dormers to complete lead roofs.

Lead has stood the test of time and looks great too. Lead needs to be fitted by a qualified lead roofer who is competent in both welding and bossing.

We take great pride in all projects undertaken, ensuring our work is carried out to LSA standards

Slate Roofing

As a traditional roofing company, the quality of our workmanship is everything. We use all the traditional roofing methods in the finishing details, including hand dressing, holing and triming the slates to create the most authentic finish.
There are a wide range of slates from all around the world imported.
Below is some information on the slates we use from the UK.

Welsh Slates

Welsh slate is a highly durable slate which is resistant to lots of different chemicals and weather conditions. Welsh slate also retains its natural colour even under the harshest of U.V sunlight.
Penrhyn roofing slates are an attractive blue/purple colour with a rugged texture.

West Moreland Green Slate

West Morland green slate has been quarried in the lake district for over 300 years, the slates are formed from metamorphosed volcanic ash and contain chlorides which gives them there lovely green colour.
The slates come in sized, random slates, Burlington, Welsh Tonner slates and Delabole Cornish slates also come in random sizes.

Tiled Roofing

Clay roof tiles have been used for centuries to cover our roofs. They preserve character and charm of period properties, new builds and historic buildings and we install traditional hand made or machine made clay tiles

3 layer felt works

Typically applied in a 3 layer system consisting of a vapour control layer, a layer 2mm reinforced felt and a 4mm layer of felt called a cap sheet which can be a plain black bitumen finish for a solar reflective paint finish, or a mineral fleck finish in a variety of colours, typically green, brown and a purple / blue.

Fibreglass GRP flat roof and Liquid Plastic

These days’ modern resins and correct installation has helped fibreglasss and Liquid Plastic to become a real contender for a top flight flat roof. Normally laid in a one, or sometimes a two layer jointless finish with factory made trims and coloured to literally any colour.

Mastic Asphalt

A mastic asphalt roof gives a seamless covering and can be used on timber, metal and concrete decks. Modern mastic asphalt products incorporate polymer which enables an extremely durable and flexible material to be produced.

Carpentry works

We have over 15years’ experience in the carpentry industry, in which time we have undertaken all manner of small to major roofing projects.

For complete peace of mind we can also offer insolvency guarantee insurance cover. with over 15 years of experience in the business offering consistently high standards and quality advice we do not see a guarantee as a risk; it is something that simply gives our clients peace of mind